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  • H24 Polyurethane adhesive

    H-24 is a one-component moisture-curing adhesive based on polyurethane modification. It is mainly used for bonding broken sponges, and is suitable for the processing of recycled sponge products such as insoles, sofas, and mattresses for household purposes.

  • MDI Diisocyanate-diphenylmethane

    WANNATE® PM-200 can be widely used in the production of rigid PU foam heat-insulating materials; also used in isocyanurate foam, paints, adhesives, structural foam, cellular integral skin foam, automotive bumper and interior parts, high-resilience foam and synthetic wood, etc. Due to its unique composition structure, WANNATE® PM-200can provide better flow ability. It is, therefore, particularly suitable for the production which require strict flow ability of systems.

  • POP Polymer Polyol

    POP-45 copolymer polyol is a unique grafted polyol containing a high levels of copolymerized styrene and acrylonitrile. This polyol is designed primarily for use in the full density range of high load bearing flexible slab stock foams. DEXIN POP-45 copolymer polyol can be used in 100% copolymer formulation or blended with conventional slab stock polyols. This polyol can also be used in high resilience foam as hardness enhancer. This POP-45 is a BHT-free product that processes well on all types of foam machinery.

  • PPG Polyether Polyol

    Flash point of LEP-5631D exceeds 150 degree Celsius (close cup, ASTM D-93 method). The polyol is flammable but non-explosive. In case of fire, put the fire out with foams, dry powder, steam or water. In the handling of the polyol, precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to eyes or prolong contact with the skin. If eye contact occurs, flush with plenty of water. If skin contact occurs, wash exposed areas thoroughly with soap and water.


    Lupranate T80 toluene diisocyanate (TDl) is an 80% – 20% mixture of the 2,4 and 2,6 isomers of toluene disocyanate. This product is used in the preparation of polyurethane foams, prepolymers and elastomers.